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Gold - Styll

Angol cikk


 Fashion Jewelry Gold-Styll  have extremely good quality with a long life. These jewels are not made by a simple gilding procedure, but the base metal surface is increased under heat and pressure with a thick layer of gold (thickness understood in micro-millimeters).

 The gold plates are rolled at extremely high pressure and very high temperature and they are fused (melted) to the metal carrier (which is usually copper, very seldom silver) - meaning they are galvanized. The base metal is nickel- and lead-free and thanks to these qualities even those allergic to metals can wear them with ease. Moreover, the outer surfaces of the jewels are covered with a protective transparent layer, ensuring their protection against small mechanical damages. There is no skin coloring and opposite to other fashion jewelry they have a high wearing resistance. The white (silver) jewels are made by the same procedure, through rhodium plating. Their stones are carefully polished zirconium stones that are placed in sockets

Determining Ring Size:

The average size of the female rings is between 52-57 mm and the average male size is between 59-65 mm. The ring size can be determined in two ways:

1. From the inner diameter of the ring

Measure the inside diameter of the ring by using a linear or caliper, expressed in mm. From the value thus obtained, using the table below, you can determine your ring size.

2. From the size correspondent to the circumference of the ring finger (in millimeters).

If you want to determine the appropriate ring finger size you can do the following:

  • Take a string and a mark a start point with a marker.
  • Wrap the string over the finger whose size you want to learn.
  • Draw another sign at the point of intersection with the initial drawn mark.
  • Measure the distance between the two marks with a ruler.
  • The value thus obtained in millimeters corresponds to the right size of the ring for your finger.

Ring Size Table

Ring size Internal diameter Internal Circumference
41 13,0 mm 41,0 mm
42 13,4 mm 41,6 mm
43 13,7 mm 42,9 mm
44 14,0 mm 44,2 mm
45 14,3 mm 44,8 mm
46 14,6 mm 46,1 mm
47 15,0 mm 46,7 mm
48 15,3 mm 48,0 mm
49 15,6 mm 48,7 mm
50 15,9 mm 49,9 mm
51 16,2 mm 51,2 mm
52 16,5 mm 51,8 mm
53 16,8 mm 53,1 mm
54 17,2 mm 53,8 mm
55 17,5 mm 55,0 mm
56 17,8 mm 55,7 mm
57 18,1 mm 56,9 mm
58 18,4 mm 58,2 mm
59 18,8 mm 59,5 mm
60 19,1 mm 60,1 mm
61 19,4 mm 60,8 mm
62 19,7 mm 62,1 mm
63 20,0 mm 62,7 mm
64 20,3 mm 64,0 mm
65 20,6 mm 64,6 mm
66 21,0 mm 65,9 mm
67 21,3 mm 67,2 mm
68 21,6 mm 67,8 mm
69 22,0 mm 69,1 mm
70 22,3 mm 69,7 mm
71 22,6 mm 71,0 mm
72 22,9 mm 72,3 mm
73 23,2 mm 72,9 mm
74 23,5 mm 73,5 mm


Using And Cleaning

If you follow these tips then your jewelry retains its initial beauty for a long time!

  • Chemicals or corrosive substances should not reach them!
  • Do not spray perfume on the jewelry!
  • During sport activities or health problems with fever do not wear the jewelry!
  • Do not wear more necklaces or bracelets at the same time – by rubbing their protective surface can be damaged!
  • Do not wear rings on two fingers that are next to each other - by rubbing their protective surface can be damaged!
  • During house work do not wear the rings and bracelets!
  • Cleaning them: with a soft cloth moistened with liquid soap scrub them gently, then rinse with clean water and wipe dry.

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